TechHR - Payroll Software

Payroll Software Basics


Our easy-to-use software walks you carefully through every step required to pay your team.

Hourly & salary

We support hourly and salaried employees.

Vacation & sick days

You can set your business's time off policies. We also help you stay compliant with state-mandated sick time requirements.


Pay your employee reimbursements at the same time you run payroll.

Advanced Features

Net-to-Gross Payments

Give us the net amount an employee should receive and our software calculates the gross payment required.(for bonuses).

Unlimited payrolls

Run payroll as many times as you like, including bonuses and off-cycle payrolls.

Cancel payroll

You may cancel a payroll with a single click and re-run it when you’re ready.

Flexible schedules

Choose how often employees are paid: weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or twice per month.

Detailed payroll reports

Generate detailed PDF reports for payroll history, bank transactions, contractor payments, paid time off and more.

Multiple Pay Rates

Pay employees who wear multiple hats different rates based on the work they performed each pay period.

Multiple Pay Schedules

Customize your pay schedule based on the needs of your team.

Time Off Requests

Employees can request vacation and sick time that you can easily approve and track.